All of us, to varying extents, have sacrificed some of our privacy for the convenience of online communication and activity.

But for professionals in occupations related to law enforcement such as police, sheriffs and judges, having easy access online to where you live, where your spouse works, or where your children go to school presents a more significant risk.

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You Are Protected By Law

California law specifies that these individuals and their families be entitled to a greater measure of privacy, so they can continue to perform a vital societal function without fear of reprisal.

360Civic works with superior courts, justice departments and law enforcement agencies as a legally-contracted agent, to formally request the removal of any personal information from any website in violation of state and federal restrictions.

The process typically begins with an online, but if this does not prove sufficient we can escalate our enforcement effort, all the way up to and with the cooperation of the Attorney General’s office or even civil action in court on your behalf. But our diligent efforts pay off, and our reputation and years of doing this ensures that websites understand our commitment. It is why we get results in the shortest time possible.


Individual Memberships Available

We typically work with police departments, police unions and superior courts to provide our monitoring and protection services to their memberships. However, if you work in one of these professions in an organization that has not signed up for this program, you may request this service as an individual.

Try a free trial for 60 days - after the trial, plans start as low as $8.25 per month. That covers 24/7 monitoring of websites to locate and remove the personal information of everyone residing at that address. Cancel at any time.

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