It’s pretty bad out there now. There are individuals and organizations that hate anyone associated with law enforcement, and that is an imminent threat to your membership.

Has someone targeted one of your officers at home?

If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Maybe it will be a threatening letter. Or maybe someone will show up at his or her door with a knife or a gun.

When it happens, it will be because that officer’s address was easy to find online.

We can help make sure that doesn’t happen.

What We Do

It’s simple – our privacy team uses our proprietary technology to scan the internet every day, and when we find the address or phone number of someone under our protection, we make sure the website removes that content. It’s not a request – we don’t give them a choice.

Do they listen?

Usually. When they don’t, they listen to the Attorney General’s office. Or we take them to court. One way or another, that content comes down.

Provide Your Organization With This Protection

Thousands of people that work in law enforcement and criminal justice are already under our protection – along with their spouses and children.

Other companies have begun offering a similar service, but we’ve been doing this for over ten years. They don’t have our experience, our technology or our track record.


Start Protecting Your Officers Now

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