In an era where law enforcement officers face unprecedented digital exposure, the protection of their private information is not just a convenience—it's a necessity. IronWall360 addresses this crucial need with unmatched diligence. Every day, officers put themselves on the line for public safety, and it's vital that their personal safety is guarded with the same rigor. The digital realm presents a new frontier of risks, with officers' personal information often just a few clicks away for those with malicious intent.

At IronWall360, we understand these unique challenges.

What We Do

Our dedicated privacy team employs advanced technology to constantly monitor the internet. We identify and promptly remove any online traces of personal information related to law enforcement personnel and their families.

This isn’t just a request – we ensure compliance, using all necessary legal avenues to safeguard your officers. This proactive approach ensures that risks such as home address exposure, which could lead to direct threats, are significantly minimized.

Watch the following video to learn more about how we protect law enforcement officers' personal information online:


Our Commitment to Law Enforcement

With over a decade of experience, our track record speaks for itself. Thousands of law enforcement professionals and their families trust us to keep their private information just that – private.

We had another privacy protection service for our officers, but IronWall360 found our department Chief’s home address online in five minutes. Obviously that company was not providing the service they promised. Now we know it’s being done right.

Empower Your Force with Privacy Protection

Ensure your officers can focus on their critical roles without the worry of digital exposure. Fill out the form below to explore our protection plans, tailored specifically for law enforcement.

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