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Less than $11/month


Less than $17/month

  • Ongoing searches and removals
  • Email and chat support
  • Real-time privacy reports
  • Consistent follow-ups with stubborn sites

Everything that's included in the individual plan, plus...

  • Protecting your residing family


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Upgrade your privacy protection with our bundle of additional tools, which complement each other and provide the most comprehensive privacy package available:


Safely browse the internet with a virtual private network (VPN) from NordVPN. Encrypt and safeguard your online activities, preventing anyone from monitoring or exploiting your data. Just $4.99 per month.

Secure Emails

Protect your personal email address by using a secure, alternative email address. Use them for savings clubs, social media, online shopping, and site logins – sites that may track your email or link it to your home address. Only $4.99 per month.

VoIP Number

Never share your cell phone number!  Forward calls and text messages to your cell phone number while maintaining your privacy. A safe way to use two-factor authentication, and lets callers leave voicemails sent to your email as recordings. Just $4.99 per month.

Access Our Full Suite of Enhanced Protection Services

Bundle all three protection services together and enjoy the most comprehensive online security package available! For just $11.99 per month, billed annually, you can both save money and have complete peace of mind knowing your privacy and sensitive information are well-guarded.

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