Website Design
Website Design
At public sector sites, visitors want to get the information they need, have their questions answered, and know where to go for more information. We make that easy, and we make it look good!
Writing and content development are frequently the biggest obstacles to completing a civic website project on time. That’s why we do everything we can to make that process faster and easier.
Content Management Systems
Content Management Systems
360Civic works with all major CMS platforms, so our recommendations are based more on the individual needs of a client, rather than advocating one solution for every project.
Web Development
Web Development
We provide all of the support services and functionality to make a 360Civic-created website a turnkey project. Every aspect of the website before, during and after development can be handled by 360Civic personnel.

How We Build Public Sector Websites

Our Clients

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Web DevelopmentSchool districts, utilities, and municipal, state and federal government departments have guidelines and requirements different from those in the private sector.

However, they do share one common aspect – the desire for projects to be completed on time and on budget through a company that is easy to work with before, during and after the job is done.

360Civic approaches every project with these objectives in mind, and our success is exemplified by the short and long-term contracts we have fulfilled with state and federal entities, school districts and superior courts.

We have successfully executed a wide range of RFPs, including those soliciting:

We also have a program specifically for police officers, sheriffs and other law enforcement, protecting their personal information from being found online.

September 26th 2022by Sara Lopes

The California Judges Association was established in 1929 and is the professional association representing the interests of the judiciary of the State of California. Members include judges of the…

Town Hall
Why 360Civic is Different (in a Good Way)
360Civic understands the needs of public sector clients, particularly the importance of showing consistent results within a limited budget. When we respond to an RFP for a government contract, we custom-design a scalable approach based on the objectives that must be accomplished.

This approach allows us to be more flexible as the project proceeds. As a result, when changes in scope or direction occur, it does not typically impact our pricing. In most cases we adjust our services to the RFP, rather than seeking to amend the original agreement.
Court House
Our Strategy – and Why It is Successful
Most government agencies have been through the RFP process multiple times, but with 360Civic you’ll discover a different approach from the typical bidding process, and why our preparation, questions and holistic understanding of your project (before, during and after) yields such effective and rewarding results.
Reflecting the Diversity of your Community
Reflecting the Diversity of your Community
As both a minority and woman-owned business, 360Civic is classified as a general disadvantaged business enterprise. We take pride in our ability to understand different voices in a community, and to communicate effectively with different audiences.

While our status may also help you to fulfill any diversity goals you may aspire to in selecting a vendor, we also realize that your first priority is choosing the most qualified company for the project. 360Civic has a proven track record of working with government organizations, and can work within any required security specifications.

360Civic has offices in multiple states, where our team members are familiar with local issues and priorities.

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