The digital age requires modern tools to help protect those who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. Today's threats utilize the internet to target individuals who have their private information unknowingly posted online. Increasingly, human service professionals have been preyed upon and their safety has been compromised.

When you make a decision that involves the best interest of a child or family member, someone is going to get upset. When people get upset, they turn to the Internet, and can use the information they find online to target you and your family. We believe that home should be a safe space, which is why IronWall360 aims to protect your information so that you can continue to serve others safely. 

Our online privacy protection service, IronWall360, removes any information that may compromise your safety, or the safety of those you love.

What We Do

Since 2012, our IronWall360 security team has scanned the internet to find the address or phone numbers of judges, social workers, law enforcement, and other professionals under our protection. When we find ANY instance of a home address online, we make sure it's removed. It’s not a request – we don’t give them a choice. Those that refuse to comply are taken to court or referred to the Attorney General’s office.

How is 360Civic Different?

Other companies only scan a select number of content-sharing sites, which are monitored once a month (if that). 360Civic conducts daily searches across a full range of internet sites, as well as social media with our dedicated security service, IronWall360.

We surveyed our clients and received a 99% satisfaction rate for our online privacy protection service.

"As my practice as a social worker advanced to serving increasingly vulnerable populations with high acuity needs, it became abundantly clear that I needed to take steps to protect myself so that I can continue to care for others. My professional Code of Ethics requires me to safeguard digital information and IronWall360 enables me to do just that. With my personal information unavailable for misuse, I can adhere to my ethical standards and keep my client's information safe as well. IronWall360 is a game changer for modernized social work practice that prioritizes professional integrity and safety. I am grateful that I have a seamless system in place to elevate my practice while also giving me peace of mind." - H. Snyder, ACSW

You’ll Know You’re Protected

Clients receive ongoing reports showing where their private information was found, and confirming its removal.


Choose Your Option

360Civic offers the following affordable IronWall360 protection packages:

Premium Program

This is the most popular program with our hundreds of clients. It provides online protection for social service employees and their families, as well as full support via phone and email, online seminars, and other resources to keep your workers safe. 

Basic Program

This plan will provide the same level of Premier Protection to your individual social workers and staff at a special reduced rate, plus email support. This does not cover families or phone support.

Individual Program

If you do not wish to sign up all of your employees at this time, but would like to make this program available to your membership, 360Civic offer individual registrations at a discounted rate.

Only looking to join yourself? Visit this page to sign up for a free 60-day trial.


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