Social workers are entrusted not just with their clients’ health and well being, but also with protecting their clients’ privacy. Those experiencing assistance with child protection and difficult family circumstances understand how this information can impact their personal relationships and potential employment prospects, so any client information a social worker has absolutely needs to remain confidential.

Unfortunately, social workers also need to devote the same diligence to their own privacy.

Like judges and police officers, a social worker’s job brings them into contact with individuals who may display threatening or violent tendencies. What if one should become resentful over difficult decisions and outcomes, and blame the social worker for their troubles?

It happens every day. And while the social worker’s workplace may provide some protection, his or her home does not. Anyone with a grudge can find someone’s home address online in less than five minutes. And as we’ve seen in the news over the past few years, this has resulted in harassment, vandalism, and violence.

Protection is Available for Social Workers

There are steps you can take if you find yourself in a frightening situation: Keep a record of all incidents, and save any letters, text messages, etc. for when you report what is happening to the police. But do not overlook the importance of protecting your personal information from being found online.

Someone seeking retribution against a social worker cannot only find their address quickly, they can find a map to that home and even see what the home looks like with Google maps. Anyone can see where their target’s kids go to school.

When the worst happens – and it does, too often – the internet likely helped to facilitate the attack.

Is it possible to completely remove your address and phone number from the internet?

Yes. That’s what we do. We find and remove your personal information from any website – not just connected to your name but to those of your children, as long as they live with you.

Since we began our IronWall360 online protection service, we have removed more than one million pieces of personal information for our clients.

Now we’re ready to go to work for you.

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