IronWall360 CEO Ron Zayas recently appeared on The Frankie Boyer Radio Show for a wide-ranging discussion about how companies are able to collect our personal information and profit from selling it without regard for our personal safety.

While all of us are vulnerable to the tactics these companies use, the easy availability of our private information is particularly dangerous for those in certain professions, such as police officers.

In the final segment, Zayas talked about threats against police officers, as well as therapists and other professionals, in numbers that are reaching crisis levels. This has resulted in attacks increasing at their homes, because their addresses are so easily available online. He announced IronWall360 now provides online privacy protection to the Irvine Police Department, where his company’s headquarters are located.

IronWall360 now has a new way for anyone to sponsor an officer in their local police department by giving them the gift of online protection, at a cost that is lower than a Netflix subscription.


Listen to the Interview

Listen to "Security Consultant Ron Zayas & Professor Andrew Ross" on Spreaker.

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