Over the past few years, the number of tangible threats against judges and police officers has risen by 300%. We believe those who protect us deserve our protection as well. Our service removes an officer’s home address and phone number from the internet, so that information won’t fall into the wrong hands. In response to this, we are providing protection to police officers by removing their information from the Internet with our IronWall360 service.

You now have the opportunity to sponsor a specific police officer of your choice or an officer at your local department at a greatly reduced fee.

To donate online privacy protection, please fill out the form below. If you want to donate to a specific person, please fill out their name, email and address in the donation section. If donating to a department, put in YOUR email, and you'll receive 90 days of free protection as well.

For every officer you sponsor, we will sponsor one from your chosen department for free. Together we can protect hundreds of police officers, deputies, troopers and highway patrol officers.

Pricing Plan
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