“Judge reported the address is gone! You guys are amazing!”

Those seeking to find the home address or other private content on a judge or police officer will likely begin that quest through a search engine – usually Google.

Getting private content removed from Google can be a difficult process, as one Illinois judge discovered. She searched for herself on Google, and the second listing on the first page showed her home address.

That link went to a government site, which our IronWall360 team had already contacted on her behalf. As she discovered by clicking on that link, the site itself had complied with our request to remove her address, but her address still appeared in the Google link description.

With other online privacy protection providers, getting content down from the government site would have been mission accomplished. But if a client’s address is that easy to find on Google, our job is not done.

Would the content have come down eventually? Perhaps – Google often takes several extra days to update their cache, at which time the dangerous listing may have been revised. But we know every day a client’s content is accessible is one day too many.

That is why we followed up immediately with Google, and submitted a request that this information be removed as soon as possible.

And quickly after, it was gone.

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Please Note: Since protecting the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance, all of our case studies will describe specific events in a way that protects their safety and anonymity.

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