“If my address is online I know I feel vulnerable – particularly after a controversial verdict that makes the news. IronWall360 protection gives me peace of mind.”

Widespread civil unrest in 2020 generated several court cases – but tensions on both sides ran so high that decisions and verdicts did not constitute the end of these conflicts. After signing an arrest warrant for a protestor, one judge was confronted at her home late at night by a loud and angry mob. It was later determined that the group’s organizers found that judge’s home address online.

Her Superior Court heightened its security protocols, but that alone cannot stop the widespread proliferation of personal information appearing on dozens of websites. The Court contracted with 360Civic to take charge of their online privacy.

Using proprietary software, IronWall360 went to work – scanning the internet daily, identifying sites where a judge’s information was accessible, and contacting those sites to demand its removal. Most sites complied within 1-2 business days. Those that did not were threatened with legal action, and then acceded to 360’s request.

In a case such as the one described above, if an individual or group is angry enough to seek out a judge’s home address online, they may not stop if it cannot be located. They may try to find that information through a judge’s spouse, child or relative. Recognizing this possibility, the Superior Court elected to extend its protection to the family members of their judges, both those living at the same address and those residing elsewhere. This service if provided by 360Civic at a special reduced rate.

Since signing up for IronWall360 online privacy protection, this Superior Court reports being very happy with the results, as well as with the response rate from company personnel when it comes to answering questions and responding to messages. Its judges can now resume providing their vital societal function with a greater sense of peace of mind.

Please Note: Since protecting the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance, all of our case studies will describe specific events in a way that protects their safety and anonymity.

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