Just as threats and attacks against judges, police officers and social workers have increased dramatically over the past decade, so too have threats risen against other politicians and public officials.

Those serving in office, whether district attorneys or attorneys general or representatives in federal and state legislatures, have always dealt with harsh criticism and even unsettling communications. But social media, combined with a deeply divisive political climate and growing mistrust of government, have all combined to take a situation that was already troublesome and made it far, far worse.

In 2013 there were just 38 arrests made of those making threats to public officials. In 2022, that number doubled; and with the multiple arraignments of one former president, and the ongoing investigations into potential illegal activities of the current president’s family, that number is certain to multiply. A recent University of San Diego study surveyed local public officials in that city and found 75% reported receiving threats and harassment. Women, it found, are disproportionately impacted.

Which Ones Mean Business?

The problem with investigating threats is that most of them amount to nothing. Angry people post angry rants on Facebook and X and TikTok all the time. Law enforcement has training to detect patterns as they try to figure out which ones to take seriously – but with millions of new posts going up every day, there is no way they can all be detected and acted upon before the worst happens.

The Solution: Privacy Protection

If the number of threats cannot be reduced, the best option is to reduce the risk to those who receive them. One way to achieve this is by limiting the amount of data available about these officials online. That’s what privacy protection does.

Right now it is far too easy to find the home address and phone numbers of public officials after a quick online search. When the content is removed, it significantly insulates these individuals from negative consequences outside their workplace.

Once enrolled in our program, our IronWall360 privacy team and proprietary software will locate any client personal information from any website, social media property or paid service. We then contact that site and demand it be removed. One way or another, that content comes down.

We can provide the same service to any family members of public officials enrolled in the program as well.

Clients receive regular updates and reports on any content that is found and where it was located, along with confirmation of when it has been removed.

More Than Just Personal Security

There are additional benefits to having personal data removed from the Internet. It means fewer annoying robocalls, and it lowers the possibility of being victimized by identity theft. For many, that alone is worth signing up.

Start Protecting Yourself Now


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