Would you be surprised to learn that your home address will probably turn up from a simple Google search? How do you feel about that?

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I think most of us realize on some level that all the personal details we share on social media, all the stuff we order on Amazon, all the surveys and questionnaires we fill out online, is information that is being collected, shared and sold without our knowledge or consent.

It’s a risk – but we accept it.

However…for those in certain professions, that risk may be too high. Lawyers, judges, police officers, therapists, psychologists, journalists, school board members – in these divisive and antagonistic times, having your address or phone number so easily accessible can be dangerous to you and your family.

We don’t really know where you live. We have no financial or sinister motivation to find out. And we don’t think strangers should have that information either.

“But I don’t work in those professions you mentioned.”

That’s okay – you deserve your privacy. A dispute with a co-worker, a first date with an aggressive acquaintance that elicits discomfort; seniors living alone that scammers can prey upon; sadly we all must stay vigilant if we find ourselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

Your home is your safe space. But that’s not always the case if your address is readily available online.

Is Your Address That Easy to Find? Let’s Find Out

Request your own free, no obligation privacy report, and we’ll conduct a search using the same methods and tools developed for IronWall360, our online protection service, and provide you with a partial listing of sites and companies that have either published your private information, or will sell it to anyone who asks.

Why Are We Doing This?

For nearly a decade we’ve been protecting the private information of criminal justice and law enforcement professionals, by finding it anywhere on the internet, and making sure it is deleted. Yeah, we can do that.

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