What is a weapon? One dictionary defines that term as “any implement  used to deter, threaten, inflict physical damage, harm, or kill.”

Over the course of human history weapons have evolved from rocks to clubs to knives to guns.

But in a world connected through online communication, your privacy has become the most dangerous weapon of all.

Who knows your home address? How many children you have and where they go to school? Where you work, where you shop, and who you voted for? It’s not just your friends and neighbors anymore. That information is available to anyone online  - and it can be used to hurt you.

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For courts and municipalities and other organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees, private information can be used in customized phishing attacks that can result in millions of dollars in losses, as well as lawsuits and a loss of consumer confidence.

If you are a judge, police officer, social worker, or a victim of stalking or domestic violence, your private information in the wrong hands can bring  threats, harassment and violence.

Our new whitepaper, “The Weaponization of Privacy,” details how we got here, and what individuals and organizations can do to safeguard their privacy. It’s never too late to start protecting yourself.

Hackers and scammers are lazy. They will always go after the easiest targets. With a few simple actions, you can remove yourself from their attack list.

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Ron Zayas


Ron Zayas is an online privacy expert, speaker, author, and CEO of 360Civic, a provider of online protection to law enforcement, judicial officers, and social workers. For more insight into onli... Read more

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