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Welcome to IronWall360, where we find and remove home addresses and other personal information from the Internet to provide peace of mind for public servants, and individuals from all walks of life. Our most common clients include judges, social workers, law enforcement, and those who have been victims of stalking or domestic violence.

“IronWall360 makes the process simple and easy. We live in a time of unprecedented technology advancements that make it easy to infiltrate and access personal information. I trust IronWall360 to protect my privacy.”

Trusted Protection Since 2012

Thousands of people that work in high-risk professions are already under our protection – along with their spouses and children. Our clients have given us a 99% satisfaction rate for our online privacy protection service, and our renewal rate is more than 90%. We are also a proud member of the NordVPN/Surfshark family of security and protection providers.

How We Strive to Earn Your Trust

Your safety is our first priority:

More Searches, More Often

Your name and address may appear on thousands of websites, not just those that specialize in “people finder” services. We track them all. When we find content that shouldn’t be there, we don’t let our client know and expect them to do something about it – we take direct action to make sure that content is removed.

Privacy From Us As Well

While we strive to safeguard your privacy by removing your personal information across the breadth of the Internet, we also protect that content internally as well. We will never share or sell anything we collect to keep you safe.

We’re Here if You Need Us

If you are concerned about your safety, we are here to listen. You will always hear back from a live team member during business hours.

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Our Leadership Team

Ron Zayas

Ron Zayas

Founder and CEO

Bridget DiRico

Bridget DiRico

Founder and Vice President of Sales

David Hofstede

David Hofstede

Director of Research, Legislative Outreach, and Content

Sara Darby

Sara Darby

Director of Marketing

Mark Hildebrandt

Mark Hildebrandt

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Compliance

Kaleb Brunson

Kaleb Brunson

Privacy Operations Manager


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