“With some websites sending an email is not enough to get private content removed – they only respond to a person-to-person demand, and 360Civic is the company that always gets results with their IronWall360 service.”

The Problem

It seems as if you can rate your satisfaction experience with just about anything online, and that extends to judges as well. Someone created a Yelp!-like website where those who appeared before a judge can leave a review of that experience. And just like on Yelp! itself, few users bother to document something positive.

One California judge became a primary target of this site, and was concerned about the negative comments that were posted – especially when his home address was published as well.

He tried for months to get this potentially dangerous information removed, but the site either did not respond, or told him they would take care of it eventually. They also claimed that comments left by visitors were not their responsibility.

Our Solution

Finally, the judge became an IronWall360 privacy protection client. We contacted the website and told them there is a statute in place in California that states they are, in fact, responsible for not just the content they post on the website, but the comments that are left there as well. We demanded that the content about our client be removed, and recommended some options for how this process could be made more efficient, as it was likely we would need to take similar action for other IronWall360 clients.

Once we made our position clear, the content as taken down, and has not reappeared.

Other services may search for a client’s personal data, but if they find it they don’t take direct action. They either let their client know what they found, with suggestions on how they can try to have it removed themselves, or they send an email to the website that is often ignored. With IronWall360, we take action that gets results. Every time.

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Please Note: Since protecting the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance, all of our case studies will describe specific events in a way that protects their safety and anonymity.

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