Transit is all about finding the easiest and best route to get from one place to another.

We believe that same philosophy should apply to transit websites.

360Civic has created efficient websites for public transportation systems (buses and trains) that make it easy for both experienced and first-time riders to find the information and links they need. 

Sites That Are Simple to Get Around

We provide a complete transit website solution package that includes:

  • A personalized design with intuitive navigation that fits how you wish to present yourself to the community
  • Web apps for iOS and Android
  • Route maps and schedules for buses and trains
  • Easy ticket purchase or frequent rider pass purchase/renewal modules
  • Real-time GPS to help visitors plan routes or reach a destination
  • Credit card processing module
  • Service alerts, sent via email or text message (including schedule changes/cancellations due to weather or other outside factors)

If you need additional customization we can deliver any pages, modules or functionality designed to address your specific objectives. 

The 360Civic approach to transit sites is simple: An appealing, responsive and user-friendly design, well-organized navigation, and compliance with all WCAG 2.0 and ADA standards, so pages are accessible to daily commuters, first-time visitors, and transportation company personnel, regardless of challenges or disabilities. 

From trip planners to travel advisories to internal information such as Board agendas and operating budgets, our transit websites deliver everything you’ll need to service your community.

We listen to what you need, and then we make it happen. 

View one of our transit websites

Website Design

At public sector sites, visitors want to get the information they need, have their questions answered, and know where to go for more information. We make that easy, and we make it look good!

Copywriting for Civic Engagement Websites

Writing and content development are frequently the biggest obstacles to completing a civic website project on time. That’s why we do everything we can to make that process faster and easier.

Website Applications

We’ll review the specifics of your needs, and then build an app to your specifications, making sure that it will integrate with your CMS platform.

User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX)

Are user interface and user experience (UI/UX) just fancy terms for quality design? Not at 360Civic.We see design, interface and experience working together with functionality to deliver a predictable and enjoyable interaction between a site and its visitors.

Easy Content Management Systems (CMS)

360Civic works with all major CMS platforms, so our recommendations are based more on the individual needs of a client, rather than advocating one solution for every project.

Security & Ransomware Protection

Security is an essential facet of every service 360Civic provides. Through our decades of experience in web design, technology development and hosting services, we understand where vulnerabilities exist, and we integrate security features into every product we build.

Web Development

We provide all of the support services and functionality to make a 360Civic-created website a turnkey project. Every aspect of the website before, during and after development can be handled by 360Civic personnel.

Website Optimization and Analysis

Once changes to a website are implemented, follow-up is necessary to determine whether they were successful. This is the two-step process of analysis and optimization that provides a before-and-after picture of your site’s functionality.

Mobile Applications

When we work with a client to design a mobile application, our first question is always the same – what does it need to accomplish? You know what you need – we know the optimal way to get there.


360Civic provides training in several different formats, so it is available when and how you need it.

Advanced Calendaring Features

The calendar may be one of the most important elements of your website. 360Civic creates advanced calendaring functions that can be easily incorporated into our websites and mobile applications at no cost on any of our 360Civic engagements.

Adding Video to Municipal Websites

Videos are a powerful way to teach, communicate and promote a special program or event. 360Civic can provide the functionality that makes it easy for your team or the public to upload videos. We can also create any videos you may wish to add, shot to your specifications.

Custom Reporting for Civic Websites

There is a difference between data (which can be overwhelming) and information that allows you to make positive decisions. 360Civic provides custom reporting options that are designed to give you actionable information, not just numbers.

Project Management for Civic Websites

The process of project management begins before our first meeting. The RFP response you’ll receive from 360Civic will designate a project manager and a team of specialists that will coordinate with each other and work directly with your team throughout the engagement.

Web Hosting for Public Sector Websites

You may not require web hosting as part of your RFP, but 360Civic provides this service with a focus on the three features that are most important – security, reliability and support.

ADA Review and Repair Program

Every website should be fully functional and usable for every person that visits. Such access is especially important with public sector sites, such as those for schools and government.

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