Once you’ve devoted the time and attention and financial investment to building a modern, forward-thinking website for your district or superior court, the next task is to make sure it is serving as the most convenient source of information on the topics of most interest to the public.

When your website is delivering the content it should in an easily accessible way, it should reduce calls with questions about hours or holidays or procedures. Residents in your district should always know about how to pay for a ticket online, what type of dress is appropriate in a civil court appearance, and how early they need to show up at the courthouse before a hearing.  

The question of whether your site is consistently achieving these goals can be answered through our analysis and optimization service, which is included in every website we build.


Our credo here is always: First, do no harm. A redesign or new site must never lose traffic or decrease user satisfaction. This will not happen when analytics, coupled with search engine optimization, is utilized properly. And since websites rarely remain unchanged, analysis will identify any issues with new pages or new content.


For an experienced website designer, this does not mean best guesses or magic. There is sufficient quantitative information to provide clear direction on important decisions. We take the time to explain the information to your team, and help you keep an eye on key metrics.

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