Measuring the Objectives and Achievements of Civic Websites

Changes to a public sector website should be made with specific objectives in mind. Once these changes have been implemented, follow-up is necessary to determine whether they were successful.

This is the two-step process of analysis and optimization that provides a before-and-after picture of your site’s functionality.


Analysis establishes a baseline for how your current website is performing. 360Civic will review the stats with you to locate areas where improvements can be made. Some will already be part of your plan – but we may find additional areas that will benefit from changes in format or content.

Our credo here is always: First, do no harm. A redesign or new site must never lose traffic or decrease user satisfaction. This will not happen when analytics, coupled with search engine optimization, is utilized properly.


Once the new or revised site is launched, 360Civic will perform optimization – monitoring to make certain the most effective use is being made of this resource – for the first 90 days.

For an experienced website designer, this does not mean best guesses or magic. There is sufficient quantitative information to provide clear direction on important decisions. We take the time to explain the information and help you keep an eye on key metrics.

Optimization is included in every website we build. And if you want to improve how you are found on search engines and how people search your site, we can also provide ongoing programs, including custom reporting, to help you reach usage and experience goals.

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