The Best Municipal Government Websites Start With the Right Design

The 360Civic philosophy on websites is shaped by the user experience. Some public sector websites opt for complex graphics and moving elements that create a bold, energetic look, but visitors are less impressed by these theatrics. They want to get the information they need, have their questions answered, and know where to go for more information.

We'll consult with you to find out what you need your website to accomplish, and then our writers, designers and programmers will work together to achieve your goals, both on time and on budget.

We'll design internal and online databases that can help you track visitors, receive online forms, contracts or payments, easily update calendars, upload new pages, photos or videos, and distribute information in whatever way you deem most efficient. Because we use open source databases for all of our development, your costs are dramatically decreased, but you'll still have the latest in features and functions.

Civic Websites: Mobile Website Design

As much as 25-30% of your visitors may access your website on a mobile device. If they can't access the information they need, or the navigation seems confusing on the smaller screen, the site is not fulfilling its basic function. That's why public sector entities must now consider how a website will appear on a mobile device, or create a more user-friendly mobile version.

360Civic can design and build your mobile website with the touchscreen navigation and functionality that makes it easier to explore for mobile users.

Our design experts know how to make the most of the limited space on a smartphone screen, to communicate the necessary basics of your message through a limited number of pages, and how to incorporate convenient text and picture placement so users can tap and swipe without accessing a link by mistake.

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