Civic Engagement Websites Rely on the Right Applications

Public sector websites should do more than communicate information. They should also provide interactive functionality that allows visitors to accomplish tasks that in the past may have required requesting delivery of material through the mail, or driving to your physical location.   

While many opt for mobile applications to provide this information (and there are some advantages to this method), a web application can typically provide advanced functionality at less cost than a mobile app, and will be easier to maintain.

Web applications can be (and should be) mobile friendly, and will work on any phone or computer with a web browser. As such, they are perfect additions to a website designed to become the digital front door for a school, city, utility or superior court district.

Security In Government Websites Is Always A Concern

Because most apps plug into a database and share and collect information, security is always a concern. At 360Civic, we are experienced in keeping apps secure by following and implementing best practices to safeguard information. These include collecting only the data that is necessary, limiting the amount of public facing information and segregating data to minimize the effects of an intrusion.

A well-designed app can improve visitor experience without compromising safety.

Our website application services can be customized to meet the needs of each type of client we serve.

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