A web development project will impact the requirements of your new site, particularly in the areas of speed (the amount of storage you will need) and bandwidth (the amount of data being transferred and downloaded while visitors view your website).

You may not require web hosting as part of your RFP, but 360Civic provides this service with a focus on the three features that are most important – security, reliability and support. 

Tiered Pricing For Your Civic Website Based on Your Traffic

At 360Civic our hosting fees are set based on your website traffic. With public sector budgets seemingly growing ever tighter, the last thing a city or school district needs is to pay for something it does not need.

Our web hosting services are customized to the needs of each type of client:


What is your software updating frequency and testing process?

Software updates are included with our hosting services. All updates are done in development first, quality controlled and then pushed to production. We manage all software and critical updates on a predetermined priority algorithm, and do not make changes unless it is necessary for security or a specifically needed functionality.

Our management strategy is built on keeping the platform as stable as possible and helping our clients by consulting with them when changes should be applied. Our clients are pleased by this strategy and it is proven to minimize interruptions and user frustration—while keeping current and up-to-date.

How do you handle increases in data storage?

We actively monitor your site usage and data storage needs. Our hosting services all include the following:

  • A development environment that sits on a discrete server and is used for implementing structural changes and for applying patches in a safe environment without affecting production servers.
  • An advanced firewall to alert us to intrusions and provide protection against DOS attacks and other malicious attacks (we also harden our CMS implementation for security purposes).
  • We load balance our servers depending on your traffic, for both responsiveness and redundancy.
  • Separate web-facing servers are constantly pinged and balanced and polled.
  • If one server fails, roll over is automatic and instant, and our support staff is notified. Traffic is not affected.

A separate set of servers is also maintained for database functions to provide the same general type of redundancy. We have our servers co-located in Tier-1 facilities hardened for natural disasters, and co-located in the central area of the country away from earthquake and hurricane-prone areas. We even have the ability to provide regional redundancy for mission critical applications and disaster recovery.

Do you have backup solutions for all systems to minimize downtime?

Throughout our hosting engagement, 360 employs specific procedures to avoid losing any data or experiencing downtime in the event of a disaster. Specifically:

  • Redundant Servers (two live servers and one production server)
  • Daily, Automated Back-ups
  • Storage for up to six hours of streaming video content (or more depending on your needs)
  • Tier-One Hosting Facility
  • Clustered failover database backends
  • Support changes for technical issues
  • Errors and reliability
  • 24/7 support
  • Responsive scalability
  • Financial-grade security and infrastructure to protect your documents, logins and passwords for accessing the site’s management tools

Our hosting services support development, stage and production environments. We can provide support for Linux, MS SQL or Windows Servers. Regardless of your preference of hosting environment, we guarantee 99.9% up time or greater. In the event that the primary server goes down, our system is designed to instantly switch operations to the redundant server. This is our standard hosting procedure.

Do you have a support and full disaster recovery plan for a disaster recovery process in the event of a complete or partial site failure?

In the event that the primary server goes down, our system is designed to instantly switch operations to the redundant server. Our servers reside in a hardened facility with redundant power and Internet connectivity. Our staff monitors, tests and manages the server hardware and CMS components, as well as completes daily backups.

We also suggest the following escalation procedures and response time commitment schedule:

  • P1—Emergency Priority. Situation with severe overall impact that is defined as a loss of website capabilities for functions. Response time: Less than 1 hour
  • P2—High Priority. Incident that has moderate business impact such as inability to upload items such as announcements, posting of events or other time-sensitive documents. Response time: 2 hours
  • P3—Medium Priority. Incident has a lower business impact or modern impact. For example, uploading a large file, video or photos. Response time: 8 hours
  • P4—Low Priority. Situations that would fall into the low priority category include adding new pages, heads and editing information on the website as directed. Response time: 48 hours.
  • P5—Very Low Priority. These occurrences are requests by to design new page layouts or other non-impactful requests. Response time: Per your needs.
What are your uptime guarantees? How is maintenance planned and performed?

We provide 99.9% uptime, and if we fall below that in any month, you are credited that month’s hosting cost completely. We perform daily and weekly backups and can be recovered from catastrophic failures within 2-3 hour period if all redundancies fail (which have never happened). We have complete disaster, hacking and emergency messaging protocols available for review.

Do you provide custom exports and reporting?

Included with our hosting services is comprehensive monitoring and reporting. At anytime you can view real-time online reports on bandwidth, traffic, mobile users, search engine placement and trends. We also provide monthly reports and analysis of site usage. During a monthly call with you, we explain the statistics and usage for the site and areas of opportunities or concerns. 360 is also able to deliver reporting and management that enables our clients to quickly and easily track the usage of your website. We frequently use Google Analytics to provide comprehensive tracking and management information to help better understand how your visitors are using your site. In addition to the actual numbers reported, we also provide our clients with monthly analytics and our analysis of what the data actually means for the site’s users.

Do you provide support for the latest versions of multiple web browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.?

We will be ensuring that the website appears and responds consistently, regardless of the operating system or browser used. We design, develop and maintain sites that are compatible with both PC and Mac platforms using commonly used browsers Explorer, Safari, Edge, Chrome and Firefox. We follow a standard procedure for each change our team makes to ensure that the pages appear the same, regardless of user preferences.

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