The Functionality Public Sector Websites Need to Succeed

Web development is not just a list of features. It is delivering a set of customized objectives that enhance the ability of a public entity to deliver content and information, and to receive feedback from site visitors and constituents.

Customized for Government Websites, School District Sites, Utility Sites

Every project is unique, and we take into account the priorities of each government site, school site or public utility at every stage. However, the main objectives of most any public sector website typically include:

  • A modern, usable website that combines a professional layout with a well-thought out user interface (UI/UX)
  • A site that is mobile responsive
  • The ability to update information using the internal resources of the staff, usually through a simple but powerful content management system (CMS)
  • A searching capability that allows users to easily locate the content they seek
  • One-entry point functionality that allows integration with databases, outside vendors and other entity properties
  • Reliable ADA-compliant and ADA-usable requirements
  • The ability to index and retrieve a substantial amount of documents 
  • Integrated calendaring and scheduling functionality that allows users to integrate with internal calendars
  • Integrated security and intrusion repellent technology
  • Full transfer of existing content

360Civic Public Sector Websites: A Turnkey Project

In support of these objectives, we provide all of the support services and functionality to make a 360Civic-created website a turnkey project. Every aspect of the website before, during and after development can be handled by 360Civic personnel.

When it comes to related services that may not be specified in the RFP, we can do as little or as much as you require. That many include development and editing of new content by professional editors, maintenance and hosting, comprehensive training and full 360Civic support during and after launch with free telephone support for the life of the website.

In addition, 360Civic can provide:

  • Integrated, affordable web and mobile apps for most common features needed by school districts, states and municipalities. These include augmented reality and full integration with the website and key services
  • On time and on budget performance guarantees
  • Support for analytics, analysis, focus groups and presentation, plus video creation services and SEO

Because we understand these objectives, and as a result of our experience in the public and private sectors, we are able to make this 360Civic Guarantee: whatever features are needed to reasonably achieve your objectives will be created as part of our scope of work for every program we accept.

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