Are user interface and user experience (UI/UX) just fancy terms for quality design? Not at 360Civic.

We see design, interface and experience working together with functionality to deliver a predictable and enjoyable interaction between a school site and students, faculty, administrators and other members of a community. If developed well, this also makes future site refreshments more cost effective.

Effective Design for School Websites

Designing school sites requires more than just developing a creative, inviting look. Design has to match the personality of the district and deliver a responsible, professional and competent image, while also ensuring that students and parents find the site familiar and appealing. The colors, fonts and images should work together and match other materials and branding when available. But it is equally important for the site to appear modern and solve the real-world problems many schools have when communicating important information to adults and children of all ages.

Design is subjective; however, a design agency should be able to offer good reasons for why certain elements are selected. In our presentations to school boards and administrators, 360Civic always clearly explains the rationale behind the design choices we recommend.

Effective User Experience for School Websites

360Civic has extensive experience building the forward facing school district sites that provide effective community engagement, and mirror as closely as possible the interactions your users have with your schools offline. A strong UX, using the best in modern tools and philosophies, delivers integration with other applications and vendors, making communication with your district community part of one seamless process.

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