While every effort is made to make the functionality of your new school website as intuitive as possible, 360Civic realizes that your employees have widely varying experience with even the most basic online applications.

We want every teacher, administrator and employee in your workplace to feel confident in his or her ability to upload and edit documents to the website, make changes to web copy, and revise site content when it becomes necessary.

That’s when class is in session, and the 360 training manager goes to work.

Onsite training sessions will be scheduled at a day and time of your convenience. These sessions will cover both admin training and content editor training as needed.

But we don’t stop there. 360Civic also provides supplementary training services, including webinars and live video walkthroughs of your new school website.

What Happens At a Training Session?

Our training sessions include step-by-step instruction on how to use the website, followed by a hands-on, supervised workshop where your faculty and administrators will get to work on their own pages.

These sessions may last up to two hours, but will vary depending on the group’s skill level.

In addition to training seminars, we will also provide personalized admin and user manuals on using Drupal for your specific website.

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