The Best Public Sector Websites are Sustained By Trained Municipal Personnel

Training is an often-overlooked component of the RFP.

360Civic provides training in several different formats, so it is available when and how you need it.

Our personnel are available for in-person training seminars. These are typically held in multiple sessions with smaller groups, which makes it easier to take sufficient time to go over each topic, and to interact and answer questions.

We also provide online webinars, during which every aspect of the site is reviewed and procedures are demonstrated step-by-step. These sessions are recorded so they can be accessed later any time.

Plus, you’ll receive training manuals, FAQs and online help documents, as well as free phone support for the entirety of our vendor relationship.

Maintain ADA Website Compliance Standards

Through the 360Civic Review and Repair Program, 360Civic will also provide guidance on how to spot and fix common accessibility issues, and train content creators for ongoing governance. 

With 360Civic, access to training is unlimited and never stops, as long as the website is up.

Our training services are customized to the needs of each type of client we serve:

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What kind of training materials do you provide?

All 360-created software makes it faster, easier and more efficient to get the information you need when you need it. We will provide a comprehensive training manual delivered via email and during in-person training sessions created specifically for how to manage your new website.


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