Municipal Websites Best Practices Start With Security

Is security a substantial component of your RFP? Whether it is or not, it’s always an essential facet of the service 360Civic provides.

Through our decades of experience in web design, technology development and hosting services, we understand where vulnerabilities exist, and we integrate security features into every product we build. 

Hackers target public entities. It’s an unfortunate consequence of our global online community. This will always be a challenge, but one that can be mitigated by minimizing opportunities for both sabotage and human error that can result in a security breach.

Ransomware Protection

As the arms race escalates between public sector websites trying to protect confidential information and hackers trying to steal it, 360Civic is proud to offer a ransomware protection service.

This service is just one offering in our end-to-end suite of online services, which includes hostingADA and GDPR compliance reviews.

Ransomware protection is available to any entity that uses our servers for hosting. 360Civic will install a number of effective protocols to protect sites from ransomware attacks. The cost is $500 per month.

Request Ransomware Protection

Our Security services are customized to the needs of our clients.


What security measures do you provide to protect private information and data?

The site will be protected by financial-grade security and infrastructure to protect student information, your documents, logins and passwords for accessing the site’s management tools. We have an experienced and well-rounded development team who are also experienced on security and making sure API implementations are done so as to not endanger personal information.

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