For a monthly fee 360Civic will protect your systems and servers against ransomware attacks.

Many public sector sites face as many as one million attempted security breaches per week. Almost all of them are rebuffed, but it only takes one successful breach to result in damages, lost revenue, and lost public confidence. An attack on Baltimore’s systems may cost the city as much as $18 million in lost revenue and damages.

We are Experts in Cybersecurity

360Civic secures your systems through a number of effective, real-world tested programs that fend off ransomware attacks. These best practices measures were developed in part by cybersecurity experts who have worked with the FBI’s Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) program, which specializes in cyber counter intelligence operations.

But in the unlikely event of a successful ransomware infiltration, our proprietary programs will still protect your website code and databases. This is more than a mere backup protocol – we will rebuild your server, as well as segregate your code, databases and documents into discrete areas to quickly secure and reconstitute them – usually within four hours.

One small monthly fee covers it all. Enjoy the peace of mind of not having to worry about a six-figure ransom demand, a permanent loss of irreplaceable data, or the difficult, time-consuming and costly ordeal of repairing or replacing damaged equipment.

Our ransomware protection services are customized to meet the needs of each type of client we serve.

Read our White Paper on Ransomware Protection


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