School Days Mobile Application

Expanding Communication For School District Websites

At schools and school districts, every day contains meetings, special events, and new information that must be shared with teachers, students and parents.

School district websites provide a hub for this important communication. The 360Civic School Days Mobile App streamlines the process, making it easier for anyone connected to your district to access the information they need, when they need it.

Our iOS and Android-based app works both online and offline, and provides functionality that is specific to the needs of school districts, including:

  • Calendaring: Parents can subscribe to notifications for district-based and school-based events; Administrators can identify which categories at the district and/or school level are mandatory and which are optional for parents to receive notifications
  • The ability to receive any documents, blogs, articles, forms, videos and PDFs published through the website
  • Automatic parental notifications; optional integration with the district's messaging capabilities 

  • An optional children’s version for homework and assignment information

The app can be created as a standalone product, or can be incorporated into any school district website designed and/or developed by 360Civic.

Maintenance programs are available to provide fixes, training/support and future enhancements.

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