What We Do

Our IronWall360 privacy team uses proprietary technology to scan the internet, and when we find the address or phone number of a judge or police officer under our protection, we make sure the website removes that content. It’s not a request – we don’t give them a choice.

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Do They Listen?

Usually. When they don’t, they listen to the Attorney General’s office. Or we take them to court. One way or another, that content comes down.


How is IronWall360 Different?

Other companies have begun offering a similar service. However, these companies only scan a select number of content-sharing sites, which are monitored once a month (if that). IronWall360 conducts daily searches across a full range of internet sites, as well as social media.


How Will You Know It’s Working?

Clients receive reports showing where their private content was found, and confirming its removal. They may also view all activities for themselves and their family members through a secure online, password-protected portal.


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Thousands of people that work in criminal justice are already under our protection – along with their spouses and children. Clients also receive ancillary support, including high alert status in special circumstances (such as after a judge makes a contentious ruling or sentence). This delivers an extra level of support when help is needed.

We surveyed our clients and received a 99% satisfaction rate for our online privacy protection service. In the last 10 years of service, we've had a renewal rate of greater than 90%.

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Individual Memberships Available

We typically work with police departments, police unions and superior courts to provide our monitoring and protection services to their memberships. However, if you work in one of these professions in an organization that has not signed up for this program, you may request this service as an individual.

Try a free trial for 60 days. That covers 24/7 monitoring of websites to locate and remove the personal information of everyone residing at that address. Cancel at any time.

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