Many public sector sites have discovered the benefits of an Intranet – ­ an internal portal that provides a repository for inter-office communication, announcements of new policies and procedures, forms and regulations, and other resources that need not be shared with the general public.

Successful Intranet websites require the same components as your main website – an efficient blend of design, content, programming and security.

At 360Civic, these elements are crafted to work together from the start of the project. Security and ADA access are also built into our strategy from day one. By taking all of these distinct elements into consideration as your Intranet evolves from vision to reality, 360Civic will make sure that this technology is fulfilling its function of helping to deliver information safely and effectively.

360Civic uses open source databases for your intranet project, dramatically decreasing your costs while still providing the latest in features and functions.

In addition, 360Civic can provide:

  • Integrated, affordable web and mobile apps for most common features needed by school districts, states and municipalities. These include augmented reality and full integration with the website
  • On time and on budget performance guarantees
  • Support for analytics, analysis, focus groups and presentation, plus video creation services and SEO

Because we take the time to understand your objectives, we are able to make this 360Civic Guarantee: whatever features are needed to reasonably achieve your intranet goals will be created as part of our scope of work in every program we accept.

At 360Civic we can customize our intranet solutions to the specific needs of each type of client we serve.

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