A school intranet site gathers all of your day-to-day online internal communication into one location for easy access and review. Think of how many projects require sharing among multiple staff members; consider how important collaboration is between departments to accomplish key tasks.

With an intranet, such cooperation has never been easier. Administrators, teachers and staff members can quickly and easily access the content they need to see thorough secure log-ins and passwords, so what happens at your district, stays in your district.

360Civic Intranet for Schools

Successful intranet websites require the same components as your public-facing school district website – an efficient blend of design, content and programming. 360Civic uses open source databases that deliver the latest in features and functions, while still making it simple to upload and change content.

And of course, we build in all appropriate security and ADA access considerations so they are integral to the overall project. That’s our way.

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