The Functionality Utility and Water District Websites Need to Succeed

Our objective with utility/water district websites is to take a holistic approach to each project. The best results are achieved when we build a cohesive site, with complimentary aspects of functionality designed from day one to work together.

From content to functionality to training, 360Civic delivers a website with support services that will enhance the ability of a public service entity to deliver content and information, and to receive feedback from site visitors and constituents.

Our web development services for utilities and water districts also include the following:

  • The ability to update information using the internal resources of your staff, usually through a simple but powerful content management system (CMS)
  • A searching capability that allows visitors to your site easily locate the content they seek, whether that’s paying a utility bill or scheduling a service appointment
  • One-entry point functionality that allows integration with databases, outside vendors and other entity properties
  • Reliable ADA-compliant and ADA-usable requirements, so every resident in your community is welcome on your website
  • The ability to index and retrieve a substantial amount of documents, from tips on water conservation to board meeting minutes 
  • Integrated calendaring and scheduling functionality that allows users to integrate with internal calendars
  • Integrated security and intrusion repellent technology, that keeps resident information safe
  • Full transfer of existing content

In addition, 360Civic can provide:

  • Integrated, affordable web and mobile apps for most common features needed by municipalities. These include augmented reality and full integration with the website and key services
  • On time and on budget performance guarantees
  • Support for analytics, analysis, focus groups and presentation, plus video creation services and SEO

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