Our reporting services for school websites begins with a review of Google Analytics to measure traffic, page views, clicks and more.

That is where some reporting services stop. However, 360Civic is just getting started. We will go beyond compiling this basic but important data with detailed lead and interaction reports, as well as personalized reports on the actions that matter most to your personnel.

Our school website reports:

  • Are custom designed for each district and/or school to address your priorities
  • Can be customized by department, function, metric, etc. giving your administrators the information they need specific to their titles and roles
  • Are real time and can be combined with visitor information, form inputs, surveys etc. and include summary information that analyzes the data
  • Can provide site usage trends and include automatic alerts via email, text or other means when key metrics change

Reporting is included in every website we deliver at no additional cost. We can also provide a monthly executive summary of key website visitor and data information.

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