Let’s face it – utility sites like water districts don’t attract a lot of casual visitors.

However, there are times when that visit will be a priority – power outages, drought conditions, floods, overflowing dams – where will residents look to find out more about these developing stories?

Search engines are likely to direct them to the local utility or water district site.

That is when it will be important to get potentially life-saving information out to the public as quickly as possible. Our Text-to-Banner service makes it possible to do so, via your website.

How Does it Work?

It’s a simple three-step process that takes just seconds:

  • Select the type of banner required using pre-loaded keywords (alert, emergency, all clear, etc.)
  • Add text to the banner template 
  • Press “send” and the website is immediately updated

Of course, this service can also be used in non-crisis situations. Provide water conservation tips, or ideas for reducing a monthly energy bill. Or remind the public of an upcoming city council meeting where an important bill related to energy will be debated. You are sure to find a multitude of opportunities to stay in touch with your constituents.

Contact 360Civic to find out more about our text-to-banner service for utility/water district sites

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