Copywriting for school websites begins with information gathering. An efficient approach to that process is what keeps these expansive projects on track, and helps us to complete them on time and on budget. We break it down in three simple steps:

1. Initial Meeting

We’ll discuss how the writing component supports the overall objectives of the school website project. With a school district site, the goal might be taking sections originally written by different department heads at different schools and making them more consistent in form and content. Once we know what the end result should be, we’ll be ready to go to work.

2. Interviews

Our writing team will schedule brief interviews with principals, administrators, or whatever personnel responsible for each section of your school site. We’ll review current copy and ask what needs to be expanded, deleted or updated. We’ll discuss options for additional changes, for overall clarification or to improve SEO.

3. Revised Drafts

Following the interview, we’ll create a revised draft incorporating the changes discussed, and email it to you for review. Should additional revisions be necessary, we’ll complete them quickly and to your specifications.

By utilizing this method, we obtain the guidance we need to write dozens, even hundreds of website pages with minimal interference in the day-to-day responsibilities of your personnel.

Creating Additional Content for School Websites

When preparing for a launch or re-launch of a school site, the priority is always on the essential pages, from attendance policies to school bus schedules to homework and lunch program information. That does not account for other components that also enhance its quality and status, such as blogs and whitepapers. We can develop any or all of the following as needed:

  • Blogs – Blogs have become an essential aspect of online communication. Whether you want to explain a change to the district dress code policy, or celebrate the achievements of a championship basketball team, 360 can create blogs in your "voice" on the topics of your choice – or select appropriate topics for you.    
  • Whitepapers –A school website may be consulted to provide reliable information on important issues related to education. We can research and write whitepapers that bolster your district as an official authority on a particular topic or service.
  • Acknowledgements/Endorsements – Let us help you share the successful results of new educational programs and initiatives, or promote positive feedback from parents and community members. These may be one-sentence testimonials, or more in-depth reviews.
  • Technical Papers – Our writing team can deliver a technical paper on any aspect of your school district.
  • Social Media - can be a big driver of traffic to your site, particularly among your students. We’ll find ways to incorporate it within the site’s overall presentation.

As a result of this comprehensive approach to the copywriting component of your project, 360 delivers consistent, professional results with as little disruption to your work routine as possible.

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