Advanced calendaring is one of the most common requests our team receives when responding to RFPs from district and superior courts. This feature enhances communication both internally with your team and externally with your community.

Calendars can help your court website visitors track and schedule appointments, and receive notifications for recurring or important events. This easy-to-use feature can also improve overall community engagement.

Unlimited Calendars Available for Court Websites

Separate calendars may be preferable for different departments.  For instance, a calendar could be devoted exclusively to:

  • Civil and criminal case calendars
  • Legal holidays
  • Closings
  • Conferences and reviews
  • Any event that requires coordination between staff and the general public

360Civic will create the functionality you need, integrated with the look and feel of your website design. We can also incorporate an Admin area for the managing of new sections, new users and appointment management.

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