The calendar may be one of the most important elements of your website. This is the way that your personnel and your visitors will track and schedule meetings and recurring events, and receive reminders of upcoming appointments.

360Civic has created advanced calendaring functions that can be easily incorporated into our websites and mobile applications at no cost on any of our 360Civic engagements. Our advanced calendaring options are included with all of our RFPs.

Why Calendaring is Important for Municipal Websites, School District Websites

Visitors, citizens, students, parents and employees need access to events, appointments, reminders and important dates. Because we often run our busy schedules on our phones and computers, websites and mobile applications that allow for easy integration of events provide better engagement and attendance, while saving time and money.

Unlimited Calendars Available for Civic Websites

It’s also possible that separate calendars may be preferable for different departments or different schools.  Within varying types of public sector sites, a calendar could be devoted exclusively to:

  • City council meetings
  • Sporting events
  • School lunches
  • Court functions
  • Legal holidays and vacation days
  • Mediation events, parent teacher conferences and events that require coordination between staff and the general public

We can create and customize as many calendars as you require, with the ability for visitors to receive automatic reminders, text messages and calendar invites. 

Our calendars have no ongoing fees and are user-friendly, so anyone with a minimum of training will be able to check important dates, add or change appointments, or do anything related to scheduling.

360Civic calendar solutions integrate with Exchange and iCal servers, providing a wide range of compatibility with desktop and mobile applications.

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