Civic Websites and School District Websites Are More Engaging With Videos

360Civic can provide the functionality that makes it easy for your team or the public to upload videos. We can also create any videos you may wish to add, shot to your specifications.

Creating Effective Videos

Our video services incorporate every aspect of production, from script to direction to getting the most from your personnel on film. Our turnkey solution includes:

  • Digital video equipment
  • Adequate lighting
  • Proper sound recording
  • Professional editing and post-production
  • Uploading in a format accessible to the visitor

Eye-Catching 3D Videos

Animation offers an effective way to communicate both simple and complex information through a website or social media. 3D animation provides an even more sophisticated and memorable product that can generate interest in your organization and its services, among other benefits.

Our graphic design and animation team includes artists that have worked on feature films, television shows, commercials and corporate videos.

Whatever you need, we can deliver:

  • Videos –We’ll create them from script to finished product
  • Logo Design – Your organization’s name will stand out more with a 3D logo that draws the eye and demands attention
  • Product Visualization – Communicate more information about new and existing programs and services with a 3D presentation that exhibits far more than a photo
  • Training and Learning Management Systems - A 3D view offers a more immersive experience that will enhance both engagement and outcomes

Our video services are customized for the needs of each client:

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