360 BC Group Joins Growing Number of Businesses to Offer Free Assistance to Companies in Need

Orange, CALIF. (April 2, 2020) – The Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on a wide range of businesses, large and small. But in this challenging time, other companies are stepping up to help, by providing a wide range of professional services at no cost.

“This is a time when it is important for industries that have been less impacted by this crisis to reach out to those most severely hit, and it is wonderful to see how that is happening all over the country,” said Ron Zayas, co-founder of 360BC Group.

Rackspace is allowing current customers to add Microsoft Teams to their Office 365 account for free for six months. The company has also set aside $10M in free OpenStack Public Cloud hosting resources for organizations participating in COVID-19 relief efforts.

Zoom is providing daily demos, webinars and video tutorials to ease communication challenges for businesses where employees now have to work from home.

The 360 BC Group family of companies, including 360Biz and 360Civic, are also joining this effort. 360Civic is offering free website hosting, content creation and consulting to schools and public sector entities, at a time when these websites are experiencing unprecedented traffic increases. 360Biz is offering marketing and technology consulting services to private sector companies.

One 360 client, Hamilton Group Meeting Planners (HGMP), has already benefitted from the company’s consulting services. “They faced numerous meeting cancelations as a result of travel restrictions and health concerns,” Zayas said. “We worked with them on some outside-the-box ideas that could help their clients deal with this temporary new reality, while helping HGMP generate revenue in this very difficult time.”

“It’s still a challenging time, but we are starting to see some new bookings again,” said HGMP President Zabrina Hazeltine. “The services suggested and implemented by 360 will be useful during this crisis, and provide our clients with additional options after our lives return to normal.”

“We’re all looking for some good news at a time when the headlines are so alarming,” Zayas said. “The way companies are volunteering to help those in need is the kind of positive story that highlights the best of our business community.”

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For more information on 360Civic, visit www.360Civic.com and find 360Civic on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About 360 BC Group, Inc.: 360 operates worldwide with leading brands in three business areas: 360Biz, 360Civic, and 360Circuits. Founded in 2004, the minority owned 360 group holds a top market position in California for designing comprehensive websites for both the public and private sector, ranging from small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies and municipalities. 360 also provides a full suite of marketing services for high-technology industries through our dedicated teams across multiple creative, technological and security specialties. For more information, visit www.360bcgroup.com.

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