Nonprofit Websites
Our goal is to help you reach yours.
Nonprofit and charity-based organizations face many challenges in creating an effective website: it must provide a persuasive online platform for communicating their goals, reach new members and donors, and raise funds in a way that is convenient and secure for those who wish to give.

360Civic has a long history of assisting nonprofits, and our admiration for the work they do has inspired our Helping The Helpers (HTH) Nonprofit Websites, a way for us to give back to those who give the most –nonprofit, religious and charity organizations.

We will design, develop and customize an appealing and efficient website to fit your needs. Then we’ll give it to you, without monthly fees or surcharges, at a price you can afford.
Discover How an HTH Website Can Maximize the Impact of Every Donation You Receive (Video)
Our goal is to help you reach yours.
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A mobile-responsive design
personalized to your organization (no templates or stock forms).
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No-guess, no haggle price
with terms that allow you up to one year to pay off, with no interest or additional fees.
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Original Content
Professional writers will create inviting, effective content as needed for your pages.
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Easy-to-manage website
Adding or changing content is as easy as using Word.
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Integrated Donation
and credit card acceptance platform. Process donations with an exceptionally low nonprofit transaction rate — lower than virtually any other major competitor.
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Convenience Fee Offset
Many donors are willing to pick up your credit card processing fees. Our site makes it easy to promote this feature.
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Unlimited Team Fundraising Pages
for crowdsourcing that your supporters can create on their own (available with the Premium HTH package).
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Integrated email marketing tool
to attract more donors (available with the Premium HTH package).
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Event Ticket Sales
Sell tickets, create will call sheets, manage availability and more (available with the Premium HTH package).
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Support for your affiliates
Build an unlimited number of subpages and sub-sites for regional or local divisions, special events or affiliates (HTH Multisite platform only).
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Room To Grow
Our sites support from 500 visitors to 1 million visitors a month. Never outgrow the platform you buy.
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All the support and training
you and your staff need to manage your website.
Advanced HTH Website
One time fee of $4,999 payable over 12 months
Advanced HTH Site (One time fee of $4,999 payable over 12 months): Our most affordable program gives you just what you need to launch your professional website. If you need to add more premium features later, you can turn them on or off as your needs change.
Premium HTH Website
One time fee of $9,999 payable over 12 months
Our Premium HTH offering includes all the features and benefits of our Advanced HTH product plus built-in email marketing, social media integration and unlimited team fundraising pages.
HTH MultiSite
One time fee of $14,999 payable over 12 months
With HTH MultiSite you receive all the features and benefits of our Premium HTH product, plus the ability to create unlimited sub-sites. This is perfect for larger organizations that have affiliates or regional offices that need their own website but want to leverage their investment in the single platform.

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