Water is news in California. From droughts to floods, from purity to supply, residents need to know if the water they drink is safe, if there will be enough of it to go around, and what they can do to help with conservation efforts.

One source for this information for residents of more than 15 Southern California cities, including Hermosa Beach, Inglewood, Malibu and West Hollywood, is the West Basin Water District Municipal website.

West Basin utilized 360Civic to upgrade and renovate its website.

The solution needed to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Create and design a new utility website that would help West Basin connect with its diverse audience
  2. Migrate previous content, after conducting interviews with West Basin staff to review any changes and updates

  3. The utilization of a dynamic content management system (CMS)

  4. Provide a more efficient and cost-effective means of sending out emails, newsletters and alerts to West Basin’s user base

  5. Working closely with the district webmaster on the completion of a variety of related projects

  6. Provide training, hosting and ongoing support


The features of the solutions delivered included:

  • The creation of a dynamic website with a modern design and user-friendly functionality
  • Moving all content to an open source CMS, providing the district with full control over site content and allowing West Basin to make more internal content accessible to the public
  • Adding functionality to the CMS to help West Basin easily design and distribute emails, newsletters and alerts on the Drupal platform and send them to district residents
  • Training sessions of district personnel to ensure their success in managing content uploads, events and calendars


360 completed every aspect of the project. Among the most notable results:

  • Greater ease of use for district personnel, resulting in more frequent content additions and changes
  • Newsletters and other communications are easily sent with the click of a button; the CMS system handles large email lists, bounce-backs and ‘unsubscribes’ automatically
  • ADA review to make sure the website was in compliance with all government regulations
  • After one year both total traffic and search engine traffic increased, while the bounce rate decreased, indicating that site visitors now stay longer
  • Total pages viewed by visitors is up more than 4,000
  • Mobile traffic increased 32%
  • The flexible technology platform allows personnel to incorporate advanced agenda, mobile and other functionality into one unified system

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