“Online scams are annoying enough without also representing a threat to a judge’s privacy. 360Civic makes sure any potential danger from these scams is eliminated – fast.”

When a website lists a person’s home address or phone number, they may not do so with malicious intent, but that doesn’t matter. The information is out there, and for a judge that represents a possible threat. Every day that content is available is a day that can result in harassment, vandalism, and even violence at a judge’s home.

At one Superior Court under 360Civic’s protection, a judge became concerned that his information might have been acquired by an internet scammer. He reported his concerns and 360 responded within the same day. The company’s CEO even followed up to address the concern and make certain the situation was being handled, despite being off work and traveling out of state. That put the judge’s mind at ease.

If there were a violation the incident would have turned up on 360’s daily internet scan without being reported. But the company understands how vulnerable many judges and public officials feel in these divisive times. Our job is not just to remove threats to online privacy, but also to communicate quickly with our clients to let them know any situations that arise are being addressed.

This is not the level of response provided by other companies that promise online privacy protection.  Some companies only scan the internet 4-6 times a year. Others may look for privacy violations once a month. That is not sufficient. And a call to one of these companies to report a potential threat would not receive a personalized response. Instead the report would be logged and investigated only in the next scheduled search – which could be weeks away. These providers simply do not have the personnel or infrastructure in place to deliver the same results.

Please Note: Since protecting the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance, all of our case studies will describe specific events in a way that protects their safety and anonymity.

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