Every day, someone walks out of a courtroom angry. In some cases those who do so may be driven to commit violence – and the target is often the judge that presided over that courtroom – or that judge’s family.

If the personal information of these public officials is accessible online, their safety is at risk.  Thankfully, there are laws in place to prevent a judge’s personal information from getting into the wrong hands. This is why the Superior Court of Orange County, California hired 360Civic.

Citing a California statute that forbids putting a judge’s name and/or residing address online (or that of his or her family), 360Civic searches for instances where that statute is being violated, and has that information removed.

The company conducts, on average, 84,000 searches and removals every week. In the rare case when a site refuses to comply with 360Civic’s request, the company gathers the necessary information to relay to the attorney general for prosecution.

The Results

By making it more difficult for anyone to locate personal information about more than 200 judicial officers, this program has created a safer environment for these public servants and their families.

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Judges, police officers and other public safety and judicial officers are protected from having their name and address published online. 360Civic makes sure these restrictions are enforced.

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