“I know I needed protection, but I didn’t want to be forced to give up social media and online retail just to keep my address private. With 360Civic monitoring my potential exposure, I was able to surf the sites I like and still be safe.”

While judges have special careers that provide them with special protection, they also have lives outside the courtroom. They enjoy staying in touch with old friends on Facebook; they order books from Amazon; they belong to clubs and groups with people that share a common interest.

So it’s not surprising that one judge, who understood the need for online privacy protection, was concerned that she would no longer be able to engage in the online activities she enjoyed without compromising her safety.

But 360Civic’s proprietary software does not mean a judge has to be scrubbed from legitimate sites. It only means that those sites and others will not make personal identifying information available to the public.

As a result, the judge now enjoys best-in-class online privacy protection, and can still rant about the new Netflix shows on Facebook.

Please Note: Since protecting the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance, all of our case studies will describe specific events in a way that protects their safety and anonymity.

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