Mission Viejo Website Design

The city of Mission Viejo, California sought an upgraded website to better serve nearly 100,000 residents.

When 360Civic was awarded the contract, the company approached the project in four distinct phases.

1. Coding, CMS and SEO

In this phase 360 upgraded the site to a Drupal CMS, optimized page load times, and improved the site’s search capability, particularly for news and events. ADA compliance was also reviewed, with appropriate changes made.

2. Content and Functionality

360Civic used analytics to provide recommendations for an optimal site design and layout that would improve navigation and the overall user experience. Current content was migrated to the new site, with revisions and updates made as requested by the City.

3. Stylistic Enhancements

360Civic identified and revised elements in the site that did not display optimally on mobile devices. The company improved the site’s menus and made other stylistic changes that made pages easier to view.

4. Administrative Improvements

Ease of use for Mission Viejo personnel was the guiding principle in changes made at this phase, from drag-and-drop menu editing tools and file uploads to email notifications.


The new City of Mission Viejo website outperformed its predecessor by every measurable standard.

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