Fresno Housing Authority was facing a serious recurring dilemma: When their housing applications would push live online, their website would crash from the overload of oncoming traffic.

To fix this issue, Fresno asked 360Civic to create a more reliable and secure hosting platform prepared to handle the large bandwidth of new applicants.

360Civic’s solution for Fresno Housing Authority included:

  • Security-hardened hosting with a secure, Tier 1 infrastructure, with equipment owned and managed by 360 personnel
  • Built-in redundancies to protect Fresno’s website content
  • Daily and weekly backups and restore services for extra protection
  • 24/7 available support


For over two years since implementing 360Civic’s secure hosting service, Fresno hasn’t experienced a single downtime. Each application launch can now handle the immense traffic they receive on a regular basis, allowing their organization and applicants to enjoy a reliable process on their municipal website.

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