Calendars can help your website visitors track and schedule meetings and receive notifications for recurring or important events. This easy-to-use feature on your public sector website can also improve overall community engagement and increase event attendance.

Advanced calendaring is one of the most common requests our team receives when responding to RFPs. This feature enhances communication both internally with your team and externally with your organization’s community.

School districts, for example, can benefit from advanced calendars to promote various events for individual schools within their district. This keeps events easily organized and simple to navigate for students’ families.

Additionally, city websites can utilize calendars to promote special events for various departments. Libraries, city hall, parks and recreation, and many other departments can each promote the special activities they’re hosting, which helps their community easily identify who’s in charge of each event.

Our team at 360Civic offers advanced calendaring for public sector websites at no additional cost for any RFP.  Some examples of unique online calendars that we recommend include:

  • City council meetings
  • Sporting events
  • School lunches
  • Court functions
  • Legal holidays and vacation days
  • Mediation events, parent-teacher conferences and events that require coordination between staff and the general public.

Our calendars are simple to create, customizable, and easily integrated with Outlook Exchange or iCal servers, allowing a wide range of compatibility for desktops and mobile applications.

Anyone with minimal training can help manage our advanced calendaring features for your public sector website. If you’re interested in saving time and money to upgrade your online calendar, contact us and we’ll see how our tool can help your website.

Sara Lopes

Marketing & Training Manager

Sara can help your organization with managing social media profiles, email newsletters, or anything else related to digital marketing. She is also in charge of ensuring your team is effectively traine... Read more

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