If you were to review most of our RFP responses, you would notice that they include a Drupal content management system. This is not because we cut a deal with the community – we utilize the platform ourselves, and we know how convenient and easy to use this open source CMS can be.

And after the recent, devastating WannaCry ransomware attack that struck across 150 countries, we’ve seen yet another reason why, for public sector websites, Drupal is a good idea. No system can guarantee 100% immunity from outside attacks, but with the right CMS, due diligence and the other infrastructure solutions we provide, your site stands a much better chance of weathering these cyber-storms.

Drupal Best Practices for Public Sector Sites

Drupal can be one of the best tools for protection, but this is not a “set it and forget it” process. Public sector site managers must be sure to upgrade to the latest version (8.3) if they have not done so already. Whatever modules have been added must be updated as well for security reasons. If some of those modules are no longer being used, get rid of them.

In keeping with the Drupal philosophy of keeping things simple, the platform also makes it easy to stay on top of issues with its Status Report function. This provides automatic alerts if any code issues arise, and lets you know when new upgrades are available.

Granular Permissions for Public Website Access

Municipalities, school districts and utilities must provide website access to as many as dozens of different employees to add or change content.

Drupal accommodates these needs with per department access and moderation and approval workflows, while making sure that users can only work in the areas where they should be allowed, and that their access is removed if or when they seek other employment. Drupal’s login security module restricts unauthorized access attempts. The platform’s log viewer will track any failed login attempts, which can be an indication of an attempted breach.

If you don’t have a content management system, or you’re not happy with your current one, why wait until your next major website revision project to make a change? Contact 360Civic about the benefits of Drupal, and how we’ve customized the platform to make a great product even better.

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