We try not to bring our jobs home with us, but too often those in law enforcement do not have that option. It’s an unfortunate fact that California sheriffs, deputies and other law enforcement personnel are under attack in the places where they live.

That’s why we started our online protection program – to hopefully prevent a tragedy before it can happen.

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The Danger is Real

If you live in Southern California you may have read about the Los Angeles County Sheriff requesting a helicopter launching pad to be built near his home, and the controversy over whether he received authorization to do so.

What may be overlooked in the midst of a debate over land use permission is the reason the sheriff requested the helipad in the first place. It is yet another illustration of the dangers faced by law enforcement personnel and their families if private information such as their home address is easily accessible online.

According to a memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times, the request for the helicopter pad was made following a threat assessment to identify risks to the sheriff’s safety:

“The review was done in the wake of credible threats, doxing incidents, and protestors targeting law enforcement officials at their personal residences.”

An earlier incident, in which the Los Angeles Police Chief had his home “stormed” by protestors who vandalized the residence, also played a role in the request.

Protection is Available

Fortunately, California has a law that protects law enforcement personnel from having their home information listed on websites. That law applies to all websites, whether or not they are located in California. However, most sites ignore the law until someone orders them to comply.

That’s what we do. If you are interested in finding out more about this service and what it provides, you are invited to attend our upcoming 360Civic webinar.  We’ll cover the details of how this protection can be applied not just to officers but to their families, and how easy it is to sign up for the program.

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